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California Immigration Lawyer

Northern California Attorney Representing Clients in Immigration, Estate Planning, and Business Law Matters

At JD Global Law Firm, we are proud to protect the interests and further the goals of individuals, corporations, and institutions worldwide. From our main offices in Fremont, and additional meeting locations in the San Francisco area, principal attorney David Sheen handles the immigration needs of clients across the country and around the world. We also assist clients in a number of Northern California locations, including Dublin, Pleasanton, San Mateo Palo Alto, San Jose and Cupertino, with estate planning, immigration and business transactions.

Our Principal Attorney, Mr. David Sheen, is a Fremont immigration lawyer who has been practicing law since 2001. He is committed to serving not only his clients, but also his community through his leadership and membership in organizations such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Rotary International, Asian Business Alliance, Citizens for a Better Community, and Congressman Eric Swalwell’s Immigration Advisory Committee. He has received numerous awards and recognitions from U.S. Congressman to California State Senator. Mr. Sheen is licensed to practice law in California state courts as well as federal district courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. He is fluent in Mandarin and has extensive experience being interviewed by Chinese-language media, local television channels, and radio shows. JD Global is dedicated to providing legal representation that combines modern technology with the sensitive and personalized attention that our clients deserve.

Legal Guidance for Foreign Nationals Coming to the United States

As a child of immigrants, David Sheen has first-hand knowledge of how difficult the process of making a permanent home in a new country can be. The Bay Area community of Fremont, where he has lived since 2001, is home to a diverse population of individuals, including many foreign nationals. As one of the safest cities in the United States, Fremont also has good school districts, high-income neighborhoods, strong ties to Silicon Valley, and a designated Innovation District and Green Zone that attracts foreign and local businesses.

JD Global helps Bay Area and Fremont residents as well as clients worldwide with immigration matters. Fremont immigration attorney David Sheen handles employment-based visas, investment based visas and family-based visas for individuals seeking permanent residency in the United States. Employment-based visas are most often issued to foreign nationals who have certain skills in fields that are in high demand in this country. These include EB-1 visas, which are designed for workers who possess extraordinary abilities in certain sectors of science, art, education, sports, and business or multinational managers and executives. EB-2 visas are for professionals holding advanced degrees and those with exceptional abilities. Unlike EB-1 visas, EB-2 visas require a job offer in the United States as well as a labor certification approved by the Department of Labor. EB-3 visas are also available for certain skilled and unskilled workers who have a job offer with a prospective employer. EB-5 visa are for immigrant investors, which provide a pathway for foreign nationals who invest money in United States to obtain Permanent Residency (commonly known as ”Green Card.”) JD Global has experience helping investors, employees, and employers obtain these immigrant visas, as well as non-immigrant visas. These include H-1B visas for those working in professional and specialty occupations, TN visa for Canadian and Mexican NAFTA professionals, L-1A/L-1B visas for intra-company transferees in certain positions, and E-1/E-2 visa for Traders and Investors who’s home country have qualifying treaty of friendship, commerce or its equivalent exists with the United States.

Mr. Sheen is a Fremont immigration attorney who also assists foreign nationals who are pursuing green cards through sponsorship by a family member. United States citizens can petition for visas on behalf of loved ones, including parents, children, and siblings, who are citizens of another country. JD Global can help individuals with K-1 fiancé visas, which allow a U.S. citizen’s foreign national fiancé to come to this country to get married. Once the fiancé arrives, the couple must marry within 90 days for the foreign national to be eligible to apply for his or her green card. Other types of family based immigration service we provide include visa petitioning for U.S. Citizen and Permanent Resident’s spouse, U.S. Citizen’s parents, U.S. Citizen and Permanent Resident’s children. Whether you are seeking to become a lawful permanent resident or eventually a U.S. citizen, an experienced legal advocate can help you navigate this complex area of law.

Estate Planning in the Bay Area

Our firm helps individuals in Northern California protect their future, as well as that of their family, by offering comprehensive estate planning services. Whether you are a small family with limited property, or an individual with complex assets and a high net worth, our firm handles a range of basic and advanced structures that may suit your objectives. Putting your affairs in order in case you become incapacitated may involve complex decisions as well as a range of specific documents to make sure your wishes are implemented appropriately. In addition to basic wills that designate beneficiaries to inherit assets upon an individual’s death, other legal considerations and documents are available as either additions or substitutions depending on your estate planning needs.

Mr. Sheen assists clients in executing various types of trusts, including basic revocable trusts, disclaimer trusts, and AB trusts. A revocable living trust is set up to contain your assets during your lifetime to be administered to your benefit, and then they are transferred to named beneficiaries upon your death. An advantage of this type of instrument is that there is no court involvement regarding transfer after your death. Disclaimer trusts allow surviving spouses to disclaim trust assets upon a spouse’s death, passing the assets into another trust that functions as a credit shelter. Similarly, AB trusts allow a married couple to utilize the whole amount of their federal estate tax exemption, while still giving a spouse control over what will ultimately happen to his or her property. Different combinations of documents may be utilized based on an individual’s or family’s best interest. Our firm works with CPAs as well as financial advisors to help our clients determine what is best for them. We also offer other types of common estate planning tools such as General or Limited Durable Power of Attorneys and Advance Health Directives.

Navigating Business Transactions and Trademark Applications

At JD Global Law Firm we also dedicate part of our practice to helping California and multinational corporations with the formation process and other transactions. We can guide you through incorporating LLCs and S-Corporations, and help foreign nationals set up C-Corporations. Our firm can assess what types of entities may suit your needs, based on liabilities, tax considerations, location, property interests, and anticipated size and structure.

Our law firm assists business clients with registering trademarks to identify their goods or services. Trademark registration involves extensive research into a potential mark’s eligibility, as well as significant amounts of paperwork, guidance through the examination process, and attention to detail in meeting the proper publication requirements. Maintaining a trademark is also vital to ensuring that your brand does not get diluted by unauthorized use. We offer legal advice in all steps of the process, as well as assistance with basic contracts and other business related matters.

Discuss Your Estate Planning, Immigration, or Business Needs with a Fremont Lawyer

If you are seeking seasoned and capable legal services, JD Global Law Firm has the resources to address your needs, regardless of how varied or complex they may be. Fremont attorney David Sheen can assist you with estate planning matters, pursuing a visa, or forming a new enterprise. We represent clients throughout Northern California, from San Francisco to Milpitas and Newark. To set up an appointment, call us today at 510-485-6868 or contact us online to explore what we can do for you.