Business Law Services

At JD Global Law Firm, we know that starting a new business is not easy and can be quite challenging without proper guidance. Our law firm is here to help individuals, California business owners as well as multinational corporations with the formation process and other business transactions. We can guide you through incorporating LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) and S-Corporations, and help foreign nationals or companies to register their entity and or set up C-Corporations. Our firm can assess what types of business entities may suit your needs, based on liabilities, business considerations, location, property interests, and anticipated size and structure.

In addition to formation and incorporation of business entities, our law firm also provide legal services to help businesses in a variety of other different types of business law matters, including, but not limited to, preparing and reviewing buy-sell agreements, preparing and reviewing lease or rental agreements, applying business license and seller’s permit, and registering trademark.

Trademark Protection for Business Owners

Our law firm assists business clients with registering trademarks to identify their goods or services.

Trademarks are an essential part of your business. A trademark is any word, slogan, symbol, design, sound, color or combination of these things that identifies the source of your goods and services, and represents your goodwill, your reputation, and how people can tell the difference between the products and services that your business offers, and what other businesses offer. One easy way to think about it is this: a trademark is a brand for goods and services.

Trademark registration involves extensive research into a potential mark’s eligibility, as well as significant amounts of paperwork, guidance through the examination process, and attention to detail in meeting the proper publication requirements. Maintaining a trademark is also vital to ensuring that your brand does not get diluted by unauthorized use. We offer legal advice in all steps of the process, as well as assistance with basic contracts and other business related matters.

It will be interesting for a business owner to know that having a registered domain name or web address of your business name does not mean you have trademark rights in that business name. In fact, if your registered domain name happens to include the trademark of another party, you may have to surrender that domain name. Furthermore, the mere fact of having registered your business name with your particular state does not grant you trademark rights in that business name either. It merely means that a particular state allows you to do business under that name. In short, just because you have a domain name and a business name does not mean that you have trademark rights to the name. JD Global Law Firm can help you determine what your rights are, and ensure that you have the proper trademark rights to your business name.

If you are seeking capable and experienced legal services to answer your questions, help you with your concerns, addressing your needs, protecting your legal rights under the law, JD Global Law Firm can assist and represent you with your business law matters. You will receive personal attention as we will handle every case with care and sensitivity. We represent clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Jose, and Palo Alto to Dublin/Pleasanton, California. To set up an appointment, call us today at (510) 485-6868 or contact us online so that we can help you.